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Dante e il segreto della memoria

Giovedì 25 marzo 2021 - ore 15

W20 Italia 2021

Stop violence against women

Violence against women and girls is one of the five priorities of the 2021 #W20 Presidency. It is the most serious form of gender-based violation of human rights, and it is an act of discrimination that removes women’s fundamental freedoms, hindering their full participation in the public and private spheres.
 In this challenging pandemic period, we call upon all Countries, inspired by the holistic approach of the #IstanbulConvention, to prevent, punish, and provide reparation for all acts of violence, and to provide protection to girls and women who are the overwhelming targets of violence and threats of violence.
Ending violence against women and girls is a fundamental step for gender equality.

HWA Italy

How to Keep Connected with Loves Ones When Living Abroad

Keeping in touch and connected with the people we care about, especially whilst being abroad, has always been an important topic. However, with this ongoing pandemic, this topic has really gained a new significance and unfortunately seems to be a key element to both 2020 and 2021.
Of course, we have learnt (perhaps in some instances taught!) our family members to use all kind of technology  to connect to each other on regular video chats. Inevitably, however, this circumstance especially for us expats has the possibility of making us feel even further away and disconnected from loved ones.
So how can we manage to stay emotionally connected to our family and friends, despite the physical distance?
Join Here We Are Italy March event dedicated to this subject to find out more!
Our keynote speaker will be Renata Andrade, Counsellor & Career Coach for expat women, specialised in helping expat women reconnect with their purpose, regain their confidence and figure out what they want to do next. As a counsellor, she also supports expat women with their emotional well-being.
After registering, you will receive an email confirmation with the actual link to join the event.
Looking forward to seeing many of you!

LUAN emotional museum and other collaborations increase ArtCentrica's potential!

Art is our escape from the monotony of everyday life as well as a source of inspiration, study and passion.

Its protection is important not only for future generations but also for us, so that we can fully enjoy the colors, shapes, and details that often fade or are lost over time.

Centrica has developed technology to provide a journey into Art by providing an immersive and affordable platform for everyone. Come and discover the events in which we will participate during the month of March 2021, in the name of art’s rediscovery.

On March 24, LUAN Emotional Museum will host online the event
“THE GODDESS AND THE INFLUENCER, from Botticelli’s Venus to Chiara Ferragni”.
The event can be followed at 11 am in CDMX, at 12 pm in NYC, at 6 pm in Madrid and at 10:30 pm in ND.
Marco Cappellini, CEO of Centrica, will participate in a new appointment with the speaker Marxiano Melotti.

During the event they will talk about how the concept of beauty has changed over the centuries, comparing the figure of beauty par excellence, Venus, with modern influencers.

Join the meet:

EUFASA Conference

19.05.2020 online meeting with Berlin

Dreamland with Yury Revich supports Italy

Lo Stradivari di Yury Revich suonerà per l’Italia colpita dal Covid-19 dalla Cattedrale di Santo Stefano a Vienna.

Scenari mondiali dopo la pandemia

Incontro con il Prof. Alessandro Politi, Direttore Nato College Foundation

Giovedì 14 maggio
ore 17.30 - 19.00
Incontro online via Zoom

La Solitudine di Francesco

Un Papa profetico. Una chiesa in tempesta.

di Marco Politi

The Student Hotel invita a visitare: THE MUSEUM al Salone del Mobile di Milano

You are cordially invited to visit THE MUSEUM

8 – 13 April 2019

Palazzo Clerici, Milano

Open from 10 am – 8pm

With presentations of ambassadors of the Dutch creative Industry

Space Encounters architecture
Reiner van der Aart photography
Josep Beving music
Wiebe van den Ende film
Gerrit Rietveld design
Jan Robert Leegte digital
Buildung. communication
Denim City fashion
Judith Baehner nature

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Open for public everyday from 10 till 20h

Monday 8th April: Press Presentation 13-17h + Aperitivo Press 17-20h

Tuesday 9th April:Talks; Designing for Community

Thursday 11th Aperitivo with the Partners of The Museum 17-20h

Riflessioni su Dante

Conservatorio di Musica
Luigi Cherubini
Emirati Arabi Uniti

Il Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini di Firenze terrà due concerti a Fujairah negli Emirati Arabi Uniti (8 e 9 novembre). Presto seguiranno maggiori informazioni.

il Deutsch-Italia

La redazione de “il Deutsch-Italia” è lieta di invitare la signoria vostra
alla presentazione del progetto editoriale “il Deutsch-Italia” che si terrà presso la Galleria d’arte “Sr Contemporary Art” in Niebuhrstrasse 11, angolo Leibitzstrasse, 10629 Berlino (Stazione S-Bahn Savignyplatz), il giorno 15 novembre a partire dalle 19:00.

19:15 Presentazione del progetto da parte del direttore Alessandro Brogani
20:00 Reading “Non chiedere ai poeti”, poesie scelte di Sbarbaro, Montale,
De Angelis: legge lo scrittore ed autore Edoardo Laudisi
Suite musicale di John Blue, con improvvisazioni al violoncello elettrico
Nel corso della serata sarà servito un cocktail-buffet