Cultural Intelligence | Cross Cultural intelligence

There is a need for a radical and profound cultural paradigm shift, which considers Intelligence as a community of experience and unclassified information, coming from public and private life, without hierarchies of value and without ideological borders.
 The new approach of cultural intelligence integrates the different disciplines and the different ethical and religious perspectives in an ecology of mind and intelligence, to adapt us to the globalized situation and find ourselves prepared for future challenges, in an authentic service to the common good, rather than reproduce a business history of exclusive relevance to a small group of managers, to whom the decision and selection of everyone’s property can be delegated without checks and controls.
Intelligence must, instead, become the heart and mind of democratic life and of the system of knowledge and politics.
This is only possible by giving citizens back equal dignity of civil intelligence and participation in the processes and structures of social peace.
On the other hand, transparency and publicity are a key principle of the democratic state and secrecy represents an exceptional condition and cannot be a methodological rule, not even for security reasons, for which it is, among other things, an inadequate solution.
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