Yazeed Kamaldien

Yazeed Kamaldien is a journalist who has worked in print, radio, television and documentary filmmaking. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and has worked in various countries, including conflict zones such as the Gaza Strip, Yemen, Syria and Darfur in Sudan. His documentary film work includes being the production manager on ‘Miners Shot Down’, which won an international Emmy Award in New York in 2015. This film told the story of South African mineworkers who were shot dead by the country’s police officers, while they were striking for better living and working conditions in the lucrative mining sector.
Yazeed has independently made short films in Brazil, Syria and Cape Town. His work has focused largely on human rights, social justice, and marginalized voices.
For the University of Johannesburg artist residence, he will explore the Vogue ballroom scene as a space for activism and human rights. He will produce a documentary film and photographic exhibition.