Giuseppe Basile

Graphic design and Communication

Ended sept, 25 2022

Giuseppe Basile,  has been involved in graphic design and communication since 1980 in Italy and abroad dealing with publishing, corporate communication, exhibition design and digital interfaces. 

Basile collaborated and designed with the most important names in design, art, architecture and the business world. There are countless projects in all sectors in which he had operated both national and international projects published in the most prestigious sector and cultural publications in particular in the processes that have transformed these sectors

 from the analogue to the digital era. The experiences acquired led him to teaching and holding graphic design courses for about twenty years between the NABA Institute   in Milan  and the Milan  Polytechnic in which he taught until 2020. He was a visitor professor in several Italian and foreign universities too. 

Today he continues his design path in all these areas in his  studio in Milan.