Alberto Andreani

Alberto Andreani is a Coordination Officer at the United Nations, currently based in Vienna. His renowned career started as a member of the Italian State Police, then advanced in 1983 in the anti-drug department, where he served for 7 years. In Florence, he first was deployed at the anti-robbery unit department, later specializing in transnational organised crime units. Then, for a fifteen-year period, he was assigned in different organizations to combat human trafficking carried out by transnational organized crime groups from non-European countries. He also cooperated with the major international organizations as law enforcement and intelligence expert, in Geneva, Tbilisi and Yerevan, Cambodia and Moscow dealing mainly with cases of protection for victims of trafficking human rights. Awarded with international honours and publications, since 2009 at the OSCE and the United Nations, he oversees the management of projects on security matters at the international level.