Stefano Pietta

Stefano Pietta 39 year old share his life with a spastic tetraparesis that limits his limb movements and makes him live in a wheelchair. He has been using computers since the beginning of primary school. After compulsory schooling, He obtained a diploma as a business management technician and later took a course as a webmaster and local network administrator. For some years now he has been working as an IT clerk for a foundry by teleworking and in his spare time he cultivate his passions, which are: sport in general, football in particular, and music, which has led him to the world of web radio to such an extent that He has created my own called Steradiodj, which is on 24 hours a day and where He alternate live moments with music, news and interviews with various guests with programming in automatic rotation. He was awarded the honorary title of ‘publicist journalist’ by the Order of Journalists of Lombardy. He is an honorary volunteer of the Brescia Committee of the Italian Red Cross.