Karin M. Engman


Karin was born and grew up in Sweden. After graduating from high school she went to Italy for a short holiday and after 5 years of commuting between Stockholm and Florence she decided to quit her job as an accountant and moved to Italy. She started a collaboration with a small advertising company in Florence, working with the graphic sketches.
At the age of 5 her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Karin felt the need to do something to occupy her mind with, so she wrote and illustrated a book for children “Un incontro speciale per Virgola”, published by the editor Loggia de’ Lanzi. Just a short time after she met Caterina Bellandi “Zia Caterina”, the owner of the taxi “Milano 25” who asked Karin to design the taxi for her.
A new friendship was born and many years of cooperation; Karin is the author of all the characters of Milano 25 Onlus, the “superheroes”; kids and youngsters affected by serious diseases.
Up till February 2020, Karin has worked as an interior designer at the IKEA store in Florence. (By the way, her daughter is now a 25 years old beautiful young woman.)