Milena Padula
Institutional International PR

Education, Fundraising and Human Rights have always been my main interests.
I have lived and worked in Moscow, London, Rome, Bahrain and Montreal changing country every four years. Those experiences have given me a multicultural background that has allowed me to understand different cultures and work with people from different nationalities.
I have been organizing events for twenty years and many of them for fundraising; each one of them has given me the energy and the experience to move to next one.
Furthermore I was able to improve my education in several Institutions such as University of Siena (Bachelor in Commerce) University of Reading (Economics) McGill University in Montreal (Public Relations) and La Sapienza, University of Rome (Women as mediators for peace).
Travelling around the world as a spouse I have experienced the challenges of building my own career and in Montreal as president of MTL LESA (Local Expatriate Spouse Association) I helped other spouses and partners to continue with their education and their career. Milena Padula was social Director PWA. Currently in Rome I am leading the group Education and Career. New president at ACDMAE (Associazione Consorti Dipendenti Ministero Affari Esteri).

Milena Padula